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Responsive: yes

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  • One-click predefined content
  • Include custom hashtags and Twitter username
  • Link styling matches existing page content
  • Easy setup

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Tweet URL: choose whether to share the current page or use a custom URL (default is current page)
  2. URL: specifies the page URL to add to the tweet if the Custom URL option is selected
  3. Include Twitter Username: when enabled, via @username will be added to the tweet (disabled by default)
  4. Username: specifies the Twitter username to add to the tweet if the option is enabled
  5. Add Hashtags: when enabled this will add specified hashtags to the tweet (disabled by default)
  6. Hashtags: specify the hashtags to add to the tweet if the option is enabled. These must be comma-separated with no spaces
  7. Add Twitter Logo: when enabled, this adds the Twitter bird logo to the end of the link text (enabled by default)
  8. Add Tooltip: when enabled, adds a tooltip to the link for screen-readers and also information about the link

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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