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What's included

  • Widget library file

Responsive: no

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  • Easy to configure
  • Multiple positions and design style options
  • Highly versatile

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Quick start guide

Tooltip Position

Defines where the tooltip appears on the item. Choose from Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Top-Left, Top-Right, Bottom-Left and Bottom-Right

Corner Style

Choose from Square and Rounded

Tooltip Display

Controls how the popup appears. Choose from  Always Visible, No Animation, Fade and Bounce

Style Name

Defines which item(s) to apply the tooltip to. You can use new and exisiting character, paragraph and graphic styles


Tooltip Colour

The background colour of the popup. Choose from Black, Blue, Red, Orange and Green


Tooltip Text

The text that appears inside the tooltip. This can be up to 2048 characters. Text is automatically centered

Tooltip Size

Defines the width of the tooltip popup. Choose from Small, Medium and Large

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How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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