Text Slider

Widget details


  • Easy setup
  • 31 animated transition effects

What's included

  • Widget library file

Responsive: yes

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Quick start guide

  1. Display Text: the word or phrase to display on the page  before the slider text
  2. Slider Words: Add your words and phrases here, separate each one with a pipe symbol (vertical bar).
  3. Transition Effect: Choose from the list of 31 transition effects to apply to the slider
  4. Interval: Determines the amount of time in seconds between each word
  5. Colour: The colour of the slider words. This lets you  display the slider text in a different colour to the rest of the text
  6. Font Style: Choose the style of the text. The 3 options are Default (takes the style from the rest of the widget), Normal and Italic
  7. Font Weight: Set the weight of the font (dependent on the font used). Choose from Default (inherits  from the rest of the widget), Lighter, Normal, Bold and Bolder
  8. Word Case: Change the case of the words. Choose from Default (inherited from the widget), Upper Case, Lower Case and Capitalise

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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