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Key features

  • Uses Open Graph standard for Facebook and other major social media channels
  • Shared metadata for SEO
  • Use custom titles and images for posts

Package contents

  • Widget library file

Responsive: n/a

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Quick start guide

  1. Site name: The actual name of the site. Creative Muse, for example. Used for SEO
  2. Is this a secure site?: Set this if the site uses the https protocol
  3. Site URL: The domain name of the site, minus the http/https prefix
  4. Page name: Set this if you are using the widget on a page by page basis. Leave blank or set to index.html for the whole site
  5. Content title: The title of the post. This should ideally contain the content keywords
  6. Choose your image: The image that will appear with the post. Can be JPG, GIF or PNG
  7. Description: The description for the page/post. Can be up to 250 characters but 160 is optimal for SEO
  8. Content Type: Switch between the standard Website and Article page types
  9. Article Author: The URL of the person responsible for the site/page content
  10. Facebook App ID: The Facebook developer ID. Used to link the site to Facebook analytics
  11. Create Twitter Card: Toggles the code to add Twitter rich content
  12. Card Type: Selects the type of image to post. Choose between Summary and Summary with Large Image
  13. Site or Owner's Twitter ID: The Twitter user ID associated with the website or owner of the website
  14. Content author's Twitter ID: The Twitter ID of the person responsible for the page/site content. Can be the same as the Owner ID

How to install the widget

How to use the widget

Setting up Facebook and Twitter


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