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  • Easy to use drag and drop setup
  • Works with all standard Muse page elements
  • Automatic or triggered display options
  • Choose from 16 animation effects
  • Content can be longer than the page

*Note: IE 8 & 9 do not support animation effects

Quick start guide

  1. Popup Container Name: Set this field to match the graphic style attached to the widget's container
  2. Display Effect: The animation style for displaying the popup. Choose from 16 options
  3. Screen Position: The section of the page where the popup will appear. Choose from 9 options
  4. Show Overlay: Toggle the display of the page overlay
  5. Overlay Colour: Opens the colour picker
  6. Overlay Opacity: Set the overlay transparency. Ranges from 10% to 100%
  7. Auto Open: Toggles between automatic display and triggered display of the popup
  8. Popup Delay: Sets the time in seconds before the popup appears (auto open only)
  9. Trigger Name: The style name attached to the graphic or text style to invoke the popup (manual open only)
  10. Overlay Close Button: Toggles a close button in the top right corner of the page
  11. Esc Key: Toggles the dismissal of the popup with the Escape Key
  12. Click Overlay: Toggles the dismissal of the popup by clicking outside of the popup content
  13. Custom Close Button: Enables the use of a graphic or text element to dismiss the popup
  14. Close Button Name: The graphic or text style attached to the close button
  15. Enable tracking: Sets a cookie on the visitor's computer to prevent the popup appearing once it's been seen
  16. Expires: Sets the amount of time in days for the cookie to remain active

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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