An illustration of a laptop with a movie coutdown background depicting full screen video.


Widget details

What's included

  • Widget library file
  • Demo videos and poster image

Responsive: yes

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Key features

  • Responsive scaling
  • Plays mp4 and webm video
  • Customisable colour overlay
  • Optional controls to pause and mute/unmute

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Video file: The primary background video. This can be in mp4 or webm format
  2. Video file (alternate): The background video in another format (mp4 or webm) for browser compatibility. This should be the opposite format to the main file
  3. Poster Image: A still image to display while the video is loading or as a fallback if the video fails to load. This can be in gif, jpeg or png format
  4. Playback Speed: range from 0.5 (half-speed) to 3x speed
  5. Autoplay: toggle automatic / manual playback (manual requires Controls widget to be active)
  6. Mute Sound: toggle video sound (where applicable).
  7. Loop Video: toggle auto replay of the video
  8. Controls Widget: toggle on-screen video controls (play / pause & mute / unmute)
  9. Overlay: toggles coloured overlay effect
  10. Overlay Colour: sets the colour of the overlay effect
  11. Overlay Opacity: sets the overlay opacity. Range: 0.1 to 0.9

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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