Image Loupe

Widget details


  • Control the magnification level and loupe size
  • Works with wrapped images
  • Use within built-in widgets (accordion, tabbed, etc.)

What's included

  • Widget library file

Responsive: no

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Quick start guide

  1. Select your image: Open the image to place on the page
  2. Image title: This sets the HTML title tag. Useful for SEO and screen-readers for visually impaired users
  3. Image description: This sets the HTML Alt tag. Used in SEO and for screen-readers
  4. Shape: Toggles the loupe shape between round and square
  5. Width: Sets the loupe width. Ranges between 20 and 9999
  6. Height: Sets the loupe height. Ranges between 20 and 9999
  7. Loupe scaling: Increase or decrease the magnification level.
  8. Background repeat: Toggles how the empty edge of the frame will be filled. When enabled, the image will be repeated
  9. Background colour: Selects the background fill colour if background repeat is off

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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