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What's included

  • Widget library file

Responsive: yes

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  • Easy setup
  • Add multiple phrases
  • Works with standard and web fonts
  • Responsive

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Text to Display: Enter each line of text separated by a vertical bar | character
  2. Infinite Repeat: Toggles looping on the text. If disabled, the typing will stop on the last line
  3. Text Tracking: Sets the spacing between the letters. This can be a negative value
  4. Typing Speed: Sets the speed the characters appear in 1000ths of a second
  5. Erase Speed: Sets the speed at which the characters are erased in 1000ths of a second
  6. Start Delay: Sets the delay before the typing starts in 1000ths of a second
  7. Erase Delay: Sets the delay before beginning to erase the current text in 1000ths of a second
  8. Show Cursor: Toggles the display of the trailing text cursor
  9. Blinking Cursor: Toggles the cursor's blinking animation
  10. Cursor Style: Defines the character(s) used for the cursor display
  11. Cursor Colour: Sets the colour of the cursor independently of the text colour

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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