An illustration of a laptop with a movie coutdown background depicting full screen video.

GIF Player

Widget details

What's included

  • Widget library file
  • Sample images

Responsive: no


  • Easy setup
  • Activate with click or hover over image
  • Optionally click to load image before playing

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Quick Start Guide

  1. Style Name: the graphic style applied to the placeholder image where the GIF will be added
  2. GIF File: selects the GIF file to be added to the design
  3. Wait for file to load before playing: when enabled the GIF will not play until the file has fully loaded. Useful for very large files
  4. Label Text: specifies the text that shows in the overlay circle. Default is GIF
  5. Play Method: selects the method for starting the GIF. This can be either On Click (default) or On Hover
  6. Image Set: used when there are multiple GIFs on the same page. If a GIF is playing it will be stopped when another GIF with the same set number is started

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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