Countdown Timer

Widget details


  • Configurable layout options
  • Works with web fonts
  • Customisable title/description display
  • Choose from four actions to perform when the countdown is complete

What's included

  • Widget library file

Responsive: no

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Quick start guide

  1. Countdown end date: The date for the timer to count down to
  2. Timer display options: Toggles display of date and time components. values adapt to hidden items
  3. Label position: Choose where to display the text labels. They can be either to the right or below the numbers
  4. Add padding zeroes: Toggle leading zeroes for single figure numbers
  5. Compact mode: Toggles the label display between full names and initial letters. Only non-zero items are displayed
  6. Display if zero: Toggles the display of completed parts of the countdown (disabled if Stop Timer action is active)
  7. Title text: Optional text to display above the countdown clock
  8. Description text: Optional text to display below the countdown clock
  9. Number colour: Set the colour of the clock numbers
  10. Label colour: Set the colour of the clock labels
  11. Title/description colour: Set the colour of the text above and below the clock
  12. Action when complete: Choose the action to perform when the timer is complete. There are 4 options: Stop timer, Hide timer, Display a message and Redirect to a new page or site
  13. Message text: Set the text to display if the message action is selected
  14. Page to redirect to: Set the address of the  page or site to load if the Redirect action is chosen

How to install the widget

How to use the widget


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