Below the Fold

Widget details

What's included

  • Widget library file
  • Sample Popup image

Responsive: no

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  • Create custom messages
  • Configurable delay
  • Unobtrusive design

Quick start guide

  1. Popup image: Select the image to display on screen
  2. Delay before displaying: The time in seconds before showing the popup after the page has loaded
  3. Display duration: The time in seconds to keep the popup displayed
  4. Fade in time: The time in seconds to fade the popup in
  5. Fade out time: The time in seconds to fade the popup out
  6. Distance from browser bottom: The amount of space to leave between the popup and the bottom of the browser window
  7. Page bottom offset: Sets the amount the page can be scrolled without affecting the popup

How to install the widget

How to use the widget

Hover over the options panels to see a larger version


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